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August 13 2017

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my eyes have been streaming blood since i saw this quote last night

Imagine saying this without a hint of irony. Imagine being that dense and evil.

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an important day

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centrists be like



my current fave lgbt webcomics:

note:  these webcomics all have confirmed lgbt main characters, theyre not fetishized or oversexualized, theyre not abusive, theyre well written and engaging, and theyre genuinely enjoyable, imho. btw, my notes may not cover the extent of representation in the comics, because i havent been able to read all of every comic on here (i have read enough to get a good picture of if theyre, yknow, good in terms of overall quality and also in terms of not being gross creepy nasty shit) because… there are a lot of comics. with a lot of pages. and my adhd ass has a very tough time with that sometimes.

it’s really long because i’m including a summary of each comic, so i’m putting it under a cut. this is by no means exhaustive

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racism, nazism, etc. are inherently unreasonable ideologies and cannot be reasonably debated. to attempt to do so is to say that their ideology can be defeated by classical argument, which, of course, it cannot - it is built on hatred, not universal truths.


CAPTCHA  1: check this box

CAPTCHA 2: select all the rivers

CAPTCHA 3: which of these tiny pictures has an apple in it

CAPTCHA 4: can you find where you went wrong in your life

CAPTCHA 5: select the reasons why my wife left me

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If you need me I’ll be in the bath watching lava on my television

Just One Litter


Fridays were a mad house at my first job. Not only was the main clinic super busy between people who had let problems fester all week because they wanted to see if it would get better, but now wanted it fixed for the weekend, and people who simply preferred their pet’s elective surgery performed on a Friday so they could have two whole days to supervise them immediately afterwards, but we also had all the sick cases transferred to us from the branch practices. All the sick cases needed something done, whether it was treatment or diagnostics, and since they all arrived at the same time after 6 in the evening, things got hectic.

There is a phenomenon in veterinary medicine called the ‘Friday Night Specials’. These are the cases that present on a Friday night, usually at the last possible moment, that need a huge amount of workup to treatment, and there goes your evening/weekend plans out the window. Often they are something that should have been dealt with a day or more before, like a diabetic in ketoacidosis or a cat with a urethral blockage.

Tonight, it sounded like an emergency caesarian case was on the phone and had no money.

It might seem heartless, but the reality of veterinary medicine is that most people who get payment plans through the clinic simply don’t pay. A vet clinic runs as a small business, it has large overheads and constant downward price pressure because we’re all softies and genuinely do want to save animals, but the practice at the time had over $100k owed to it by people who were all promising to pay on payday, and had been for weeks, months or years.

So it is vital that we establish, before treatment begins, that yes there will be a bill and it is expected to be paid. I was given the phone to explain this, and quickly ascertained the situation.

  • This was a bull mastiff cross’s first litter and there was at least ten puppies in there.
  • She’d been pushing for hours and was becoming distressed.
  • This was a planned pregnancy, to let the dog ‘experience motherhood’.
  • Their usual vet had performed an ultrasound in early pregnancy, and an Xray to count the puppies last week.
  • But, they would not perform a caesarian without payment on the day.
  • They had not mentioned at any point what a caesarian was likely to cost
  • The other vet clinic had sent her to us under the pretense that ‘we do payment plans’.
  • She now had the dog in our carpark and was bringing her in.

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stuff to keep in mind if you ever consider breeding or even just keeping intact animals (sometimes dogs get out and find other intact dogs and it’s a bad time)


*seductively flips leg hair* 


you: uneducated, salty
me: doctor, pepper

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BREAKING NEWS (8.12.17): The driver during today’s attack has been identified as James Alex Fields, Jr, a 20-year old from Maumee, Ohio. Fields has been booked on “2nd Degree murder, malicious wounding and failure to stop in an accident that resulted in death” and is being held without bail.

This is the face of terrorism in America.

Expose every single one of them.

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Ollie ollie oxen free. #repost (at Sunrise Manor, Nevada)


now is not the time to make pastel “punch nazis” edits and shirts and stickers. your performative allyship is unwanted and greatly unappreciated! now more than ever is the time for goyim to actually get active in their activism. you should be listening to Jewish people and boosting our voices. you should be calling out casual antisemitism and working on that which you harbor. it is not, it never was, and never will be the time to sit back and watch as antisemitism continues to rise. goyim can and should reblog.

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I’ve heard from friends in Charlottesville that some of the Nazis are reporting these photos to FB, trying to get them taken down, because they’re afraid of losing their jobs or not getting into law school. 

So, obviously, screenshot and spread the fuck out of every pic you can find.

Doxxing Nazis is a mitzvah

Yes, You’re Racist on twitter has identified a lot of them.

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i feel like this is 95% a sex thing but the 5% chance that this is entirely nonsexual scares me more


“all nazis are bad” should be literally the easiest safest most unanimous political statement you could make what is happening

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the phrase “let nazis have peaceful protests” is an oxymoron. every single nazi belief is built on a foundation of genocide, violence, and hatred. that’s their entire fucking schtick so it’s literally impossible for nazis to be peaceful in any way


its not even a hundred years from WW2 where nazi ideology & white supremacy quite literally got millions of ppl systematically murdered, and some ppl still act like nazism is “just an opinion” and that “everyone’s entitled to an opinion” as if it was something akin to a favorite color or food preference instead of a violent, manipulative, dangerous propaganda





Can you imagine telling a Holocaust survivor Nazism is “freedom of speech”

I’m not saying this happened btw I’m literally trying to imagine what would happen

The ACLU in Skokie did this to a community full of survivors.

Oh yeah I saw that a few times in my notes smh. The ACLU (& their apologists 👀) can burn.

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